Tenth International Conference on eLearning for Knowledge-Based Society
December 12-13, 2013 at Srisakdi Charmonman Institute,
Siam Technology College, Thailand.

Thursday December 12, 2013
08:00-09:00 Registration
09:00-09:05 Report to the Chairman
By Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman,
President of Asia Pacific eLearning Association
09:05-09:25 Opening Address
By H.E. Air Chief Marshal Kamthon Sindhvananda, Privy Councilor
09:25-09:30 Welcoming Remarks
By Mr. Pornphisud Mongkhonvanit, President of Siam Technology College
09:30-10:00 Coffee Break
10.00-12.00 Session 1 – 3, Auditorium
10:00-10:40 Session 1: Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Churairat Duangduen
Keynote Address: A Proposed New eLearning Law in Thailand.
By Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman and Mr. Pornphisud Mongkhonvanit, Thailand.

10:40-11:20 Session 2: Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Churairat Duangduen
Keynote Address: A New Paradigm of Research and Practice of Online Technology-Assisted Education in Knowledge-Based Society.
By Prof. Hoisoo Kim, Korea.

11:20-12:00 Session 3: Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Churairat Duangduen
Keynote Address: Learning and Social Technologies.
By Aurilla A. Bechina, Norway.

12:00-13:00 Lanch
  Session 4a – 8a,
Seminar 1.
Session 4b – 8b,
Seminar 2.
Session 4c – 8c,
Seminar 3.
Session Chair:
Dr. Varit Intrama
Session Chair:
Dr. Suwat Saktrisul
Session Chair:
Dr. Yudh Jayapravitra
13:00-13:30 Session 4a: Keynote:
The Kinematics of Lesson Design: Mobilising Technology with Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction.
By Prof. Dr. Rozhan Mohammed Idrus, Malaysia
Session 4b: Keynote:
Collaborative Blended Learning- Balancing the Content, Process, and Product.
By Dr. Tsoi Mun Fie Raymaond, Singapore
Session 4c: Keynote:
Success in the Future of Social Media Education with UGC.
By Mr. Pornphisud Mongkhonvanit, Thailand
13:30-14:00 Session 5a:
Design and Development of a Mobile Game-Based Learning Application in Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms.
By Ellenita R. Red, Kenneth Edward D. Domingo, Kristian Martin F. Santos, and Joy T. Banaag, Philippines
Session 5b:
The Development of Blended Synchronous and Asynchronous e-Learning for the Subject of Computer Game in Education.
By Jutima Methaneethorn, Thailand
Session 5c:
Comparison between Edmodo, Facebook, and Moodle to Maximize the E-Learning Benefits.
By Viena Patrisiane, Stephanie Inggrit, and Ridwan Sanjaya, Indonesia

14:00-14:30 Session 6a:
Opening the “Black Box” of Collective Intelligence.
By Christian Wagner and Ayoung Suh, Hong Kong
Session 6b:
Mobile Application Integration Framework for Educational Institutions.
By Cecilia Mercado and Perry Agustin, Philippines
Session 6c:
Application the Concept of Technology for the Production Multimedia and Computer Graphic Animation Course Content.
By Azman Fadzil and Prof. Dr. Rozhan M. Idrus, Malaysia

Coffee Break
Session Chair:
Dr. Ponklit Tantiyanukul
Session Chair:
Dr. Niwes Wongsuwan
Session Chair:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somkul Thawonkit
15:00-15:30 Session 7a: Keynote:
E-Learning for Science and Technology Courses in the SIM University.
By Kin Chew Lim, Singapore
Session 7b: Keynote:
Offering an Integrated High School Course Online - A Structural Equation Model of Causality and Determinants.
By Masood Badri, Arab Emirates
Session 7c: Keynote:
The Implication of Access to Knowledge Mobilization in Development Area.
By Seyed Reza Eftekhari, Iran
14:00-14:30 Session 8a:
The Factor Affecting the Benefit of E-Library Usage for Class Assignment Purpose of Kasetsart University Students.
By Parida Kovitvanich, Dr. Kamapanat Pensupa, and Dr. Nirote Sinnarong, Thailand
Session 8b:
Measuring the eLearning Readiness of Students, Faculty Members, and Administration at Malayan Colleges Laguna.
By Ellenita R. Red, Hanna Grace S, Borlongan, Tesalonica T. Briagas, and Ma. Jonessa M. Mendoza, Philippines
Session 8c:
Education Game and Child’s Curiosity.
By Fajar As’Ari, Septyana Yunanto, and Erdhi Nugroho, Indonesia

Friday 13 December 2013
08:00-09:00 Registration
  Session 9a – 13a,
Seminar 1.
Session 9b – 13b,
Seminar 2.
Session 9c – 13c,
Seminar 3.
Session Chair:
Dr. Varit Intrama
Session Chair:
Dr. Suwat Saktrisul
Session Chair:
Dr. Yudh Jayapravitra
09:00-09:30 Session 9a: Keynote:
Using Technology for Education in Thailand: Ramkhamhaeng University.
By Assoc. Prof. Raviwan Srikramkran, Thailand
Session 9b: Keynote:
Mobile Extracurricular Lesson.
By Dhian AdiPutranto, Indonesia
Session 9c: Keynote:
E Learning- An Effective Way of Learning for Young Children.
By Tasina Halarnka and Deepak Kulkarni, India
09:30-10:00 Session 10a:
eLearning, Online Assessment and Certification for Finishing Schools: A Global Utility Product.
By Kulkarni D.G. and Prakash Kittur, India
Session 10b:
Access to Knowledge Model in the Context of Organizational Innovation.
By Seyed Reza Eftekhari, Amir Amonosharieh Najaf, and Seyed Masoud Jalilian, Iran
Session 10c:
Designing “Science Breaker” Game for Children Science Learning.
By Melinda Safitri, Nurvianto Nugroho Putro, and Bernardinus Harnadi, Indonesia
10:00-10:30 Session 11a:
Improving Intelligence with Sandbox Game.
By Edward Andipratama, Evan Wijaya, and T, Brenda Chandrawati, Indonesia
Session 11b:
Using Serious Games to Support Learning in Healthcare.
By Olaf Hallan Graven and Aurilla Aurelie Arntzen Bechina, Norway
Session 11c:
Past, Present and Future: From Traditional Language Laboratories to be Digital Language Laboratories and Multimedia ICT Suites.
By Dararat Khampusaen, Thailand

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
Session Chair:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sutham Lertpongprasert
Session Chair:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sak Kongsuwan
Session Chair:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somkul Thawonkit
11:00-11:30 Session 12a: Keynote:
A Postgraduate E Learning “Seat-in Class” for Far Away Architects, in Indonesia.
By Rudyanto Soesilo, Indonesia
Session 12b: Keynote:
Business Strategic Learning with Monopoly Game.
By Yonathan Happy Setiawan, Yoel Nara Yudha Bahagia, and Erdhi Wiyarto N., Indonesia
Session 12c: Keynote:
ASEAN Schools.
By Andreas Becker and Jarinza Sonvisai, Thailand

11:30-12:00 Session 13a:
Conceptual Framework for Mobile Online Testing (MOTS).
By Ratapong Onjun, Kacha Chansilp, and Sompan Chansilp, Thailand
Session 13b:
Moodle Preference Analysis in Computer Science Faculty Student in Soegijapranata Catholic University.
By Stephanie Inggrit and Ridwan Sanjaya, Indonesia
Session 13c:
Social Networking Game as a Way to Learn Nations Characteristics.
By Yoshua Adenandya Krishanto, Lidya Oktorina Kusuma Sakti, and Erdhi Widyarto Nugroho, Indonesia

  Session 14a – 16a,
Seminar 1.
Session 14b – 16b,
Seminar 2.
Session 14c – 16c,
Seminar 3.
Session Chair:
Dr. Ponklit Tantiyanukul
Session Chair:
Dr. Suwat Saktrisul
Session Chair:
Dr. Niwes Wongsuwan
13:00-13:30 Session 14a: Keynote:
PUBLEASHED.COM: A Website for Publishing Literary Works of Students at Malayan Colleges Laguna.
By Ellenita Red, Luis Emmanuel, Efren Jr. Banaticla, and Jonald Basco, Philippines
Session 14b: Keynote:
Collaborating E-Learning in Demonstration of Mechanical Practical for Engineering Students.
By Akhil Deshpande, India
Session 14c: Keynote:
When Online Learning Meets Social Multimedia: a Better Understanding of Learners and Learning Materials.
By Jitao Sang and Philip Tsang, Hong Kong
13:30-14:00 Session 15a:
A 4Ps Marketing Game.
By Wanida Wadeecharoen and Athiwat Kanjanawanikul, Thailand
Session 15b:
HTML5 as Interactive Educational Media.
By Irse Surya Bagaskara, Adit Rama Putra, and Widyarto Erdhi, Indonesia
Session 15c:
Development and Evaluation of Engineering Drawing 1 elearning Module of Malayan Colleges Laguna.
By Generoso L. Loza and Apollo P. Portez, Philippines

14:00-14:30 Session 16a:
Gaming and Leaning for a Better Health: Concepts, Challenges and Opportunities.
By Aurilla Aurelie Bechina and Olaf Hallan Graven, Norway
Session 16b:
Assembly Computer Learning with Game.
By Veinta Sonrizky Mayo, Leocadia Desy Pranatalisa, and Widyarto Erdhi, Indonesia
Session 16c:
Developing Model of Idea Generating Process for Graphic Design in Thailand.
By Tawatchai Kansrirat and Paiboon Kiattikomol, Thailand